Govt will continue to improve infrastructure, support students: MP


THE Government will continue to improve school infrastructure and support tertiary students with fees, Nipa-Kutubu MP Jeffery Komal says.
Komal said teachers needed to be present in school and teach effectively for students to benefit.
He said this during the opening of two double classrooms at Tamenda Primary School on Independence Day.
Komal, a member of People’s National Congress, said his party’s focus on investing in human resources would see his continual support for the district’s tertiary students and the improvement of school infrastructure.
He said the district development authority (DDA) had made funding available to all schools in the district with many schools getting double classrooms.
Komal said Tamenda Primary received K300,000 for its two double classrooms and Ingin Primary had a double classroom and would receive a K150,000 for another double classroom.
He said classrooms would help alleviate overcrowding.
Komal said teachers also had an important duty to be present on all school days and give their best to the students while people also needed to do their part by looking after teachers and supporting schools in their communities.
Nipa Basin local level government president John Titus said in the past, many schools had poor infrastructure.
He said the DDA had done well in building new classrooms.