Govt will not interfere with companies’ policies on Covid-19 vaccine: PM


PRIME Minister James Marape says the Government will not interfere with companies’ policies on the Coronavirus (Covid-19) vaccination and workplace safety.
He was responding to Opposition Leader Belden Namah, who questioned the Government’s stand on company-imposed Covid-19 vaccinations and the strict health guidelines and safety standards.
Namah said companies imposing the vaccination on employees breached their right to freedom.
However, Marape said while “human right is fundamental, you must also know that this right is qualified”.
“You must exercise your right within the context of the right of the person next to you,” Marape said.
“The other person who is operating in the same space as you, who sits on the same plane with you, who works in the workspace with you, who shares the same public space with you, that person also has the same right to be protected from the Covid-19.”
Marape said workplace safety was important not only for the Covid-19, but for other reasons.