Govt’s 100-day plan progressing


Deputy Prime Minister and Treasurer Charles Abel says the Government’s 100-days 25-point plan has made progress in addressing foreign exchange and driving investment costs down.
Abel said significant reforms in tax had also been made.
“This is not to introduce new taxes but to consolidate and simplify the existing regime,” he said.
“This is to address decline in revenue intake. The government will be serious in collecting what is owed and due to it.”
Abel said other developments included the focus on debt financing and driving investments into sustainable industries such as agriculture, small and medium enterprises and tourism.
“We want to continue the momentum and proactivity. While the plan lapses on Dec 2, we’ll continue to use it as a springboard to drive and address the broad issues that we continue to talk about.”
The Mining and Petroleum Conference is being held at The Stanley Hotel and Suite in Port Moresby.