Govts blamed for disorder

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The National, Thursday July 18th, 2013

 THE Opposition has blamed successive governments for politicising and neglecting the disciplinary forces which has resulted in a total collapse of discipline within the forces.

It said in a statement that the Government’s failure to address key issues affecting the PNG Defence Force, Police Force and Correctional Service had eroded their command and control structure over the years, leading to unruly behaviour among members of the forces.

The Opposition claimed the current situation was “a massive internal security threat” which should be treated as a state of emergency.

It urged the Government to divert its attention from other programmes to address this critical situation.

“Life, liberty and security of the person and the protection of the law is the number one basic right enshrined in our constitution.  When a government cannot provide for this very basic right of its people, then it has failed miserably,” the Opposition statement said.

“When we have a very important and venerable group of our society under siege by an armed group of soldiers in the capital city of our country and in broad day light and under the very nose of the political and administrative hierarchy of our country and the police are powerless and can do nothing, this is a very serious cause for concern.

“These are clear signs that there is complete anarchy in the disciplinary forces and this is the major security threat to our nation at the moment.

“When are we going to see some bold decision where the leadership structure of the disciplinary forces taken task?  By now we are suppose to see some jail commanders sacked, some unit commanders or PPCs and even the highest hierarchy of leadership in these forces disciplined for such break downs.