GPO upgrading its services

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THE Government Printing Office (GPO), with the help of Datec (PNG) limited, has taken a major step towards effective document management.
The office has embraced a suite of electronic document management solution (DMS) products with rich features for archiving, managing, indexing and retrieving documents within the PNG environment.
Called ViCiDocs, the solution helps organisations deal with the growing mounds of letters, faxes, emails and other documents and moves companies towards a more eco-friendly standing in the environment.
Government printer Ken Kaiah said he was happy to take GPO a step forward in their efforts to provide efficient and effective services through the use of Datec’s ICT solutions.
With all the Government correspondence that is being published on a daily basis, it is vital that accurate information is recorded, stored and made available in a secure and timely manner.
“The National Gazzette is a time line of the development of PNG and  this is a fantastic tool for us to store that information and make it available for public servants and the community at large,” Mr Kaiah said.
“With a few mouse clicks, we can make the information available to anywhere in the world, at any time, and in a secure manner,” he said.
Document management is a mature technology and has helped many organisations increase their profit and decrease their costs
Datec chief executive  Bhanu Sud said Datec was focusing on green initiatives as part of their core values, and the DMS was one key enabler in their green focus.
Mr Sud said the ViCiDocs suite provided tools for digitisation, scanning, optical character recognition, image conversion, electronic workflow management, granular security levels, document archival and search and email management.
The new offering is designed to address the fact that many companies provide better security for their office stationary than they do for their businesses critical documents.