Gr 10 exams draw nearer

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GRADE 10 students nationwide have less than a week left before sitting for the national examinations.
With the increase in the additional exam subjects this year, students for the first time will have a two-week examination period starting from Oct 5-15.
According to the Department of Education’s measurements services branch 2010 calendar, after the completion of the written expression paper on June 17, the rest of the exams respectively will be as follows:
* Mathematics;
* Business Studies;
* Arts;
* Social Science;
* Science;
* Personal development;
* Design and technology;
* Agriculture; and
* English
The usual morning rush hour in the national’s capital has slightly eased up with students currently on school holidays.
For others, this is a well-deserved break but for Grade 10s, this is an opportunity to focus more on the approaching exams scheduled for the week ahead.
Meanwhile, Badiagwha Secondary School ended its first remedial classes on Monday.
The representative from the school said eight classes consisting of more than 300 students turned up for their first lessons before leaving for the day around midday.
She said classes would end tomorrow.
National Library director general Jacob Hevelava said it was during such days and on weekends
that the library encountered an influx of users, mainly students, who go there to study.