Gr 2 students told that parents pay a lot for their school fees

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The National – Tuesday, December 7, 2010

GRADE two students at Boroko International School  were awarded certificates to show they were now eligible to move on to the next grade in a small graduation ceremony yesterday.
 This year’s graduation had a total of five grade two classes. According to school principal Diana Bassett there will be another class next year.
The children were reminded by Bassett to make best the use of their education as they move on to the next level of their schooling.
Bassett said parents had contributed a lot towards their education and they should do their best.
“You should recognise that parents have given you a wonderful opportunity and you must make the most of it,” she said to the students.
Basset said students learnt about a variety of units under the IEA curriculum such as weather, PNG culture and rights and responsibilities of people in the community.
They also have special music and arts programmes.
Meanwhile, as a way of welcoming the Grade 2 students from Boroko East to Korobosea International School, principal Paul Halford reminded the students of the high cost of educating them and urged them to work hard.
“If you come to school and if you don’t do your best in your work you’re going to throw away K250 in a week,” Halford said.
That was his message after he did a short play with the students showing how parents spent about K50 a day for their children’s education.