Gr12 exams deferred

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The National, Wednesday August 08th, 2012

Sinebare said all resource booklets and examination papers will be dispatched this week.
“Students will be issued their resource booklets on Aug 13, allowing them one week to prepare for the exams on Aug 20,” Sinebare said.
Some 17,000 students will sit this year’s Grade 12 exams in 116 secondary schools and national high schools.
“The written expression examination is the common examination for students studying either applied English or language and literature,” Sinebare said.
“This exam makes up 30% of the national examination marks in the two subjects.
“Printing of the Grade 12 final examination papers is progressing well and on target.”
Sinebare said all end of the year exams would be administered on the dates as set by the department’s and measurement services branch calendar.
“There will be no changes to those dates,” he added.

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