Gr12 school leavers start new jobs after completing programme

Youth & Careers

FIVE grade 12 school leavers who have participated in a training project started their placement jobs with the Kina Bank.
After graduating from Project Yumi’s work readiness programme, the interns would undergo a 12-week paid internship programme with Kina Bank.
Dependents of Kina Bank staff were targeted in this pilot programme.
Project Yumi facilitator Dawn Robinson said the team were happy with how the interns presented their internship applications and how they presented during the interviews.
“The Project Yumi team are very proud of the graduates and how well they performed during the application and interview process to be eligible for the internship programme,” Robinson said.
The programme was designed to provide interns with work force skills and knowledge of the financial industry. “We are very confident that they will enjoy both the opportunity to learn about the financial services industry and gain valuable experience to support them in their future careers,” Robinson said.
“The Project Yumi team will be touching base with the interns throughout their experience to offer support where needed for them to be success.”
Following the success of the pilot phase of Project Wok, Project Yumi and Kina Bank were finalising their plans to launch the programme with high schools in the National Capital District.