Grade 12 examinations start next week

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A TOTAL of 12,730 Grade 12 students will be sitting for their higher school certificate examination next week.
Principal examination officer at the measurement services unit in Port Moresby, Greg Kapanombo, told The National yesterday that all internal data for Grades 11 and 12 had gone in from all secondary and national high schools throughout PNG.
“I would like to thank the head teachers, principals and their deputies for a job well done in sending all the students internal marks on time,” Mr Kapanombo said.
The number of students going into tertiary institutions, he said, would depend on the availability of spaces and most likely, there were less than 5,000 spaces.
Meanwhile, Sogeri National High School principal Benny Rayabban said the school had changed from being known as for its cult and generation system, to having students who were focused and working hard for the examinations.
“It’s a complete turn over for the school and I am proud to say that it is because of the strong governing council that we have in place.
“Sogeri National High School is very peaceful and we are expecting about 80-90 students out of 186 Grade 12 students to continue into tertiary institutions,” he said, adding that the were expulsions this year compared to previous years where students would get out of hand before examination week in their anti-cultural groups.
Mr Rayabban said since he came into the school in 2007, the school had also improved academically.
He said they had spent more than a million kina to renovate some of their classrooms and plan to do the same with staff houses, however, money was an issue and they hoped to receive some funds through school fees and contributions from ex-students and parents.
The school will also have the graduation ceremony on the last day of examinations, which is next Friday.
The dates and papers will be set as followed:
* Monday – mathematics A paper1 and economics;
* Tuesday – chemistry and geography
* Wednesday – physics and history;
* Thursday – mathematics A paper2, mathematics B and biology; and
* Friday – language and literature.