Grade 12 students urged to make most of chances


A GRADE 12 student urged her graduating peers not to give up in life as they leave the secondary level and look for opportunities beyond.
Natanyah Paissat, a student at OLSH International School in Kavieng, New Ireland, said life was not perfect and they would make mistakes along the way but that was not the end.
She said that in her speech during the school’s Grade 12 valedictory dinner on Saturday.
“Life is like a big merry-go-round – there are ups and downs. That is just the way life is,” Paissat said.
“We all make mistakes. You might fall on your face but you’ve got to get up.
“Don’t ever give up – rather, stand tall because we are conquerors, and we will not accept defeat.”
On behalf of her graduating class of 22 students, Paissat thanked their teachers for the hard work that they put into teaching them, a group of students with different academic abilities and colourful personalities.
“To teach a class such as this is a great challenge and I congratulate you all in achieving in doing so,” Paissat said.
“I would like to thank you teachers for imparting your wisdom just so we might have a better and brighter future.
“Thank you for believing in us.”