Grade 4 boy accused of raping his teacher

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POLICE have arrested a Grade 4 student who allegedly raped his class teacher last Tuesday, Madang commander acting Supt Mazuc Rubiang says.
“The schoolboy was nabbed by villagers who handed him over to us.
“The villagers made a citizen’s arrest.”
Acting Supt Rubiang said the student had been monitoring the teacher before ambushing her on Nov 23.
“She was residing on her own with her four children because the school accommodation did not have room for her family.
“She was walking to school between 6am and 7am on a bush track in North Ambenob local level government when her student, armed with a bush knife, confronted her.
“The teacher was shocked and when she turned around and the student, who was wearing a mask, pointed the bush knife on her chest, pushed her into the bush and threatened to kill her.
“She was scared and tried to call out but the student covered her mouth and raped her,” he added.
Acting Supt Rubiang said the teacher recognised the voice and called his name but he denied and said he was not from that area but an escapee who recently escaped from Beon and that he was from Bundi.
He said after raping the teacher, the student ordered her to run or she would be slashed in the neck. “The teacher ran all the way to the village and cried for help.
“The villagers gathered around and asked but she only spoke to an elderly woman.
“The villagers then went to the school to confirm if he was in the school but he was not.
“The villagers launched a search party and caught the student.
“The student admitted committing the offence and was detained in the police lock-up pending investigations.”