Grade 7 dropout David excelling in business


WHEN David Pora left school at Grade Seven because of the non-payment of school fees in 1984, he set his mind on starting a business.
David from Imbonggu Southern Highlands attended a technical vocation training centre in Kagua in 1986 1987 to be trained on mechanical trade skills.
He was then employed by WR Carpenters in Mt Hagen for six years.
“I left my job because I wanted to start a store at home in 2008. It was a struggle but I gradually expanded my business.”
David later started a trucking company with 10 semi-trailers. But he felt it was a risky business and stopped.
“I noticed that my drivers were not cooperative and not doing their jobs properly. So I ended the trucking business in 2014.”
In 2015, David set up a service station in partnership with Puma Energy near the Imbonggu headquarters. Today he employs 20 locals.
He is expanding the service station business to other parts of the country. In 2018, he bought a piece of land at Four-Miles for K350,000 in 2018.
The Lae service station will be opened for business today, Monday Aug 31. He will employ around 60 people there.
The Lae service station cost him K3 million to build.
“Finance is the only thing that will either allow one to move forward or not. Only when we put the money to good use, we will see the benefits.”
He is satisfied that his business is providing jobs to 80 locals.
“All that I am today is a blessing from God the Father in Heaven and I am now trying to share that blessing with my brothers and sisters.”
He wants to be a role model to others who want to try their luck in the business world.
He is married with four children.

“ All that I am today is a blessing from God the Father in Heaven and I am now trying to share that blessing with my other brothers and sisters.”

“My plan is to serve the people while engaged in the fuel business and if I succeed, I will work with big companies such as Puma Energy to extend this business further.”
His next target is a business in communication and trading.
“It is what I am looking forward to further strengthen relations and growth in business.”
He wants to operate solo at the moment.
“Joint ventures is not my thing as I have experienced where people do things their way and that is when we lose business.”
David believes the wantok system is behind the failure of many businesses.
“We do not have the technical know-how to manage business and that is why I will not partner with anyone else.”
He is an active member of the Seventh-Day Adventist church.
He sponsored five pastors to attend the Sonoma Adventist College for theological studies who are now serving in SDA Churches around the country.
“Profit from my business will be used to help my church grow in proclaiming the name of the Heavenly Father to the people.”


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