Grade 8 students encouraged to do well in examinations

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The National, Friday 18th November 2011

UPNG Journalism student

MORE than 6,000 Grade 8 students from Western Highlands will be sitting for the national Grade 8 examination next Monday.
And principal of the Tarangau Primary School, William Pora, told the 186 Grade 8 students at the school that with the availability of only 3,000 Grade 9 spaces in the province, the onus was on them to work hard in order to secure one of those spaces.
He encouraged the students to do their best because there were 6,000 grade 8 students altogether sitting for their examination in the province.
“This is your first challenge after eight years of formal education,” Pora said.
He told the students to believe in themselves.
Meanwhile, a women representative on behalf of the parents told the students that their future was in their own hands – not their parents or  teachers.
Wanga Tutua said their
performance in school would determine how they planned their future.
“Parents and teachers are only the guardians to guide you to achieve your future but to decide your future is in your own hands” Wanga said.