Grade 8 students to stay in school: Mero

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GULF provincial education adviser Mefaramu Mero has called on Grade Eight students attending schools at Kaintiba and Kotindanga districts to remain in classes until they complete their  examinations next month.
Mr Mero said the examinations were an important part of their learning and they should remain in school while the rest of the students could go home as a result of food shortage in the area.
He made the call last Friday saying all schools must let the Grade Eight students stay back in classes and sit for their examinations which is starting in a week.
“It is important the student do not miss this opportunity to sit for their exams so we could avoid further hiccups,” Mr Mero said.
He also called on teachers and headmasters in the districts to prepare students for the examinations.
Mr Mero said, he was aware of the food shortage problem experienced by the people in the area due to continuous rainfall that destroyed all food crops and gardens.
He said he was still waiting for his standards officer, who is based in Kaintiba, to give him a full report.
“I have only heard from Kaintiba community school and have approved of what they said about keeping Grade Eight students back and sending the rest of the students home,” he said, adding that he had not received reports from other schools in the areas affected by the food shortage.