Grade Eight mathematics paper flawed

Letters, Normal

GRADE Eight students, who have just sat for their mathematics examination, are wondering whether they have passed the paper or not.
The vast majority seemed to have guessed their way to the final question.
If a teacher was seen struggling for almost two hours to answer all the questions, then how difficult was the paper?
Firstly, a number of questions were too abstract for a Grade Eight student.
An abstract question that involves four to five procedures to solve is not suitable or appropriate for the second group of students of the so-called OBE education.
Secondly, it looks like the level and types of questions were selected recklessly in the name of OBE, trying to justify that this is the second core of OBE Grade Eight students.
The content of the mathematics paper clearly shows that OBE has won in the mere selection of highest-order-thinking exam items than in the actual OBE teaching and learning.
There is also a very huge difference in the level and types of questions between 2008 and 2009 mathematics paper.
Thirdly, some questions are flawed.
Question 13 is a stupid question which does not have any correct answers.
In question 15, “how” was spelled as “hoe”.
Those who set the questions cannot afford to make such mistakes.
You cannot only set questions but also have the knowledge and ability to mathematically determine the level of difficulty of a testing tool.
The Education secretary and all those involved must give a full explanation.


Concerned educated parent
Via email