Grade six dropout opens electronic store in Mendi


A much-needed computing and electronics store was opened in Mendi yesterday.
It is called Shir Shar Computing and Electronics and will provide IT products, stationery and printing.
Peter Agu, a grade 6 dropout from Lai Valley in Mendi, opened the store in the presence of hundreds of people.
He said he raised his hands to provide this vital service after seeing the needs of his people who risked their lives to travel out of the province.
National Development Bank Mendi manager Steven Albert said Agu approached the bank to obtain a loan to set up the business.
“NDB is here to help the small-and-medium enterprise (SME) sector,” he said.
“We are calling on every Southern Highlander interested in starting up small businesses to come to us.
“We are now proud to stand together with Agu and open this business that will help many service providers, government institutions and other business organisations.”
Bank South Pacific representative Himson Kasu said the service was needed in Mendi.
“The service is cost-cutting in terms of freight costs,” he said.
“It had been an expensive exercise to purchase things from out of the province.
“We are happy that this service is now provided in town.”