Graduate nurses good to serve


A PRIVATE training institution in Port Moresby founded less than a decade ago is now on the verge of providing more chances and quality education to non-school leavers in the country.
The Asia Pacific Institute of Applied Social, Economic and Technical Studies (APIASETS) three weeks ago for the first time in history have presented practising nursing licenses to six of their pioneer Diploma in General Nursing students who graduated last year. Due to Covid19 the six pioneer female students didn’t receive their practising licenses prior to seeking employment opportunities.
It was an exciting moment for the six pioneer nurses to have in hand their practising license presented by the college director Thomas Pillar after a long wait since Nov 25. 2020.
They were finally presented the licences on Oct 28 this year.
With the aim of providing a second chance to the non-school leavers, APIASETS prides itself as a school of second chances where no dreams and aspirations should be left shattered.
The six nurses were asked to give their comments regarding the good side of studying at APIASETS. Here is what they said.

Abigail Sengi, 25, East Sepik

We have been waiting whole of this year for our practising licence certificate and at last we happy that we have it now with us.
APIASETS is a very challenging institution because it’s a private run institution so the teachers come and go because of the management. Not only the teachers come and go but also a lot of the students. They find out that the school is a private run institution they decide to transfer out. But for us nurses we are lucky that people from the Health Department gave us some of the guarantees so we manage to complete our studies until we graduate.
The school has taught us some tough lessons but we remain focus till the end.
Abigail has working for Rainbow Medical Clinic for eight months now.

Dukar Maiti, 43, Western

I am happy I made it through to graduate and now I have my practising license certificate. At first I was thinking that I was the oldest nursing student and that I had no chance to go back to school but I thank my good Lord that he reminds me that there is a way out. I can say I made it through by God’s grace.
We have good lecturers that taught us so many things but we also thank the Health Department for recognising this institution and giving us our practising licences. On the other end the school need more graduate lectures.
My advice is: If you didn’t make it through to the system I encourage you to upgrade your marks and come here to APIASETS and take whatever course you want to study.

Koyupa Paul, 30, Hela

I am very happy to get my licence because for two years I worked hard and struggled with my studies despite ups and downs along the way. As a mother I accept all the challenges that I faced and my struggles for the past two years now have paid off as I now have my practising nursing licence. This has been my goal and aim three years back. I plan to go back to my community and help my people and become a life saver.
APIASETS is a good school because it provides the second choice to people like me. I didn’t make it through to Grade 11 after Grade 10 so I came here looking for options and they offered me a space. So to me it was an opportunity to grab with both hands and do my best.

Jacklyne Miale, 28, Chimbu

I am happy to get my nursing license from APIASETS and I am currently working with the central provincial govt covid-19 team.
APIASETS provides second chance to Non-school leavers giving them the opportunity to continue with their studies and achieved their dreams in life. Thou their school fee payment is high they supplied the best teachings so that’s one good and bad side of the school.

Tina Urulu, 24, Hela

I am happy to receive my licence and now I am planning to move around look for jobs and then after that I will have to again do further studies in general nursing in any PNG university or college.
This school has taught me a lot of things despite the challenges that we faced during our term of studies but all in all, getting my license makes me satisfied.

Linneth Hongai, 26, Hela

I am so excited and I am planning to go back and work for my people back in the village.
To other people out there, if you have no choice in furthering your education, you can always come to APIASETS and continue your studies until you achieve your dreams.
APIASETS director Thomas Pillar commended the hard work and sacrifices that the six nurses had been through saying it was indeed a successful educational journey for them as they are now qualified for the job.
“We have the government education system in place for our students but that government system rejects some our bright students.
“That is why APIASETS is here to fill in the gap and provide a second chance of learning opportunity to our students.
“No one is a failure, we can still make our own way up and sit in an office one day. This only requires hard work, commitment, sacrifice and dedication towards your studies.
“For us here at APIASETS we have our own system too and that is Why shouldn’t there by a system?
“This system helps Grade 12 students who can’t make it through to any institutions. We offer them a space here to do Grade 12 again and the same thing applies to the Grade 10s.
“Today I am thankful that despite all the difficulties and all the challenges, my pioneer general nursing students have made it because we train them to be tough.
“It is my honour to wish them good look out there in the field,” Pillar said.
APIASETS today is affiliated with the University of Goroka and they are at the moment working on papers for the school to be recognised by the Department of Higher Education, Research, Science and Technology.