Graduates encouraged to become entrepreneurs


A BATCH of technical vocational education training (Tvet) college graduates have been encouraged to be entrepreneurs and ready to face challenges in their professions.
Institute of Business Studies (IBS) group human resource manager Luke Ambu said this in his speech at the institute’s 24th graduation recently.
Ambu told the 167 students that life as a working professional would not be easy and they would need to combine a business mindset along with their skills and knowledge to be successful.
“You must now go out and put into practice what you have learnt,” hge said.
“To be an entrepreneur, it will be challenging but you must face it as that will help you learn as you go.
“Parents and sponsors will look at you to find a job quickly and start repaying the money spent on your education.
“Some of you will find jobs while others will not, but you can always start you own business to help yourself and others.”
Ambu said having a basic understanding of business and being willing to try new things was key to their prosperity.
The students graduated with certificates in accounting, human resource management, and information communication technology and business.
The top performing student in certificate three in accounting Stella Alex was awarded the dux and her prize was an employment contract.
Alex of mixed Milne Bay and Chimbu parentage said she was happy and relieved to have earned the dux award.

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