Graduates told to change the bad image of public service


PAPUA New Guinea’s Ambassador designated to Australia John Kali has told more than 280 Institute of Public Administration graduating students that it is up to them to change the public’s negative perception of the public service.
Kali told them not to be guided by status and money, hopping from one job to another but work hard to serve the people.
“You are public servants which means you serve the public. It is now up to you to change the perception of the public and the government that have negative views on the public service delivery,” he said.
Kali, the former Department of Personnel Management secretary, told the 283 graduates: “Be the change you wish to see in your country. Put what you have learnt in class into practice and serve with passion, honesty, be accountable of your actions, do not lose your integrity and be open to changes.
“You are the leaders of tomorrow; Sir Michael Somare has done it, Peter O’Neill is doing it and you will do it by bringing changes into the public service and bring the nation up.”
The IPA will be known as the Pacific Institute of Leadership and Governance Precinct .
IPA’s deputy chairman, Florence Willie, who is the executive director of the Employers Federation of Papua New Guinea, said: “As we move forward to celebrate and welcome the dawn of a new institution, we must also look back and celebrate our past, learn from it, as this institution is charged with building the best for our country’s public service.
“PNGIPA is transforming to be an important institution that we can be proud of.”
Public servants graduated with diplomas and certificates in public administration, local level government management, human resource management, information technology, accounting, land studies and local government administration.
Public Service Minister Elias Kapavore told the graduates that team work is the key to an effective and efficient public service.
IPA, with the support of the Australian government and University of PNG through Pacific Leadership Governance Precinct saw a
transition to Pacific Institute of Leadership and Governance with the opening of Sir Sere Pitoi building last week.