Graduates told to serve willingly with humble hearts


A GROUP of 40 graduated from the Melanesia Nazarene Bible College in Jiwaka last Saturday.
Dr Bill McCoy, the missionary doctor at the Kudjip Nazarene General Hospital told them that being a shepherd was a huge calling and they must be eager to serve willingly with a humble heart.
He said Jesus declared himself as the Good Shepherd who laid his life for his sheep. “You have answered the highest call – to make man disciples of Jesus. You are now shepherds. There are sheep out there that are lost, thirsty and weary. They need a shepherd,” he said. “Suppose a man has a hundred sheep and one is lost, he will still search for that sheep until he finds it. You are that shepherd.
“The nation needs the Gospel to be saved. You are called. You represent Jesus. Wherever you go, the power of the Holy Spirit that is already in you through the Word of God will strengthen you.”
Principal Rev Jacob Urri encouraged them to be not ashamed of preaching the Gospel and to never back down when trials and temptations faced them.
Four students graduated with Bachelor of Theology, 18 were conferred the Diploma in Ministry, nine received Certificate in Ministry, five obtained certificates in External Bible Studies, and four received Certificate in Lay Ministry.
The Bible and the Melanesia Nazarene Teachers colleges share the same campus while the Nazarene College of Nursing is located at Kudjip.