Graduates urged to change attitudes

National, Normal

The National, Monday 12th December 2011

PIONEER Grade 8 graduates of the Minamb Adventist Primary School in the Wapenamanda district, Enga, have been urged to do away with their bad attitude and take education seriously.
“Becoming a leader means that people must change from their bad ways and start focusing on doing good things in their lives,” businessman and community leader from Minamb valley, Paul Arut said.
Arut told the graduates that if they did not do away with some of their bad behaviour and focus on education, “this won’t work out well in life”.
“Education is your life. Guide it well and through it you can become a useful person in your life,” Arut said.
He said what had been taught in school must be put into use and discipline must prevail and that would determine what kind of person one would become.