Graduates urged to value education

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The National, Monday 28th November 2011

EDUCATION is a dangerous commodity if it is not used well, graduates from Bau Technical Vocational Centre were told at their graduation on Nov 18.
Former education adviser John Bossi was one of the speakers at the occasion who challenged the 59 trade and skills graduates in the
school’s 47th annual graduation ceremony to make the right choices.
The students graduated from five skills training courses in carpentry, mechanics, plumbing, tourism and hospitality and welding.
Bossi said no one was a failure in life.
“It is all about making the right choices,” he said.
“It is about  the way you think about life itself in relation
to your environment.”
He said most people aimed to live long, thrive and continue to prosper in life.
He said most viewed graduates from such institutions as failures but encouraged the 59 students to prove this perception wrong.
“Your individual achievement and success is a testimony to the board of governors, school and parents,” he said.
“Education is a life time savings. It is an account similar to the ones we own in commercial banks. But the account kept in the ‘brain’ will always accumulate interest every day,” he said.
Bossi said education was not a destination but a long journey in life.
“It is in fact an investment and a savings
for a lifetime.”
He said many people looked down on graduates from vocational schools.
Bau principal Sam Lagong said all people were capable of pursuing their chosen career with skills training.
“If there is any skill you have learnt, put it to good use,” he said.
Lagong encouraged the graduates to work hard.
“You will only become somebody in life if you work hard.”
Student representative Francis Manau thanked the centre, business community and parents for their support.
“We are thankful for the second chance through this training,” Manau said.