Graduating students urged to take stock on their lives

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IT IS time for everyone to take stock of their contribution to education.
Students are at the cross road of their education to decide which direction to take next, Caritas technical secondary school, parents and teachers association vice-president Abraham Lampalubo said.
“Take stock now so we will be able to give more back to each of our student going out of Caritas so the school will be marketable,” he said.
Lampalubo said students, teachers, board of management, the Education Department  and others also must be asked about their contribution and how meaningful the contributions have been.
Speaking during the school’s 11th graduation, Lampalubo appealed to the Office of Higher Education to see if technical students can go further.
He said he was proud that the school offered both technical and academic courses which prepare students for life technically and academically.
Lampalubo also appealed to continuing students to maintain their good performances, urging them to see the awardees received by their seniors as challenges to strive for.
He reiterated calls made by other speakers for students to practise three key values which were respect, compassion and integrity.
“These are values that will pave way to be successful in life,” he added.  
Lampalubo made a further appeal to OHE to look for a system that will complement each student after graduation.