Graduation earns top remarks

Lae News, Normal

THE Lae Secondary School Grade 12 graduation yesterday has been described as one of the best to date.
While most speeches reflected on the performance of the students and the importance of education and making the right choices in life, the keynote address was directed at making wise and godly choices, and having the correct attitude.
Bulolo MP Sam Basil delivered the keynote address.
Talking about making godly choices, Mr Basil said that the Bible contained principles that could be helpful to lives and the running of the family.
He said PNG was a family on its own and if everyone took to heart the principles in the Bible, all would be a one big happy family.
He said the principle of having respect for each other had declined drastically.
He said this was evident when we hear reports of the elderly being attacked, and more too often, reports of our sisters and mothers being mugged and attacked at the bus stops, roadsides and public places.
“If this simple principle of respect is not applied in our daily lives, our nation will go down to the dogs and people will live in fear and disunity.”