Graduation in 45 minutes

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The National, Wednesday 21st December 2011

CHILDREN below the age of 10 are unpredictable and their concentration on a particular programme or at a gathering often deteriorates within 45 minutes, a school coordinator says.
Peter Willie said that was why an organising committee designed a 45-minute graduation ceremony for 26 elementary children last Tuesday at the first English elementary school to be set up at Bialla, West New Britain.
The school was established in 2002 by the Bialla town community and has an enrolment of about 300.
 It is the only such school in Bialla town and  the biggest in the whole of Bialla area.
It was a morning of laughs amid tears and hugs, complemented by unexpected presents from the children to their two teachers.
School authorities confirmed the teachers never talked pay packets but gave all they had, including their hearts, to the children in their care since the school’s establishment nine years ago.
Students come from around Bialla town, where everyone knew everyone else.
Parents and family members of the graduating children clapped and called out the names of their children who marched with smiles to receive their yellow envelopes containing their certificates.
Willie, who was quite emotional during the short graduation ceremony, said the day was a dream come true especially after critics had questioned the legality of the school.
Willie, who was instrumental in the running of the school, said the necessary prerequisites had been followed as required by law and the school expected to be formally registered next year.
Approval had been given to the school board and the first graduates were eligible to be enrolled at any lower primary school.