Graft endemic in public service

Letters, Normal

The investigation into alleged misappropriation of public money by former East Sepik provincial administrator must be taken seriously.
I believe that greed and tribal pressure have transformed our people at higher offices causing them to resort to corruption and stealing public funds.
This system is rife throughout the country and ESP is no exception.
Sepiks have an influential role in the running of this beautiful nation for the last 34 years but we have nothing tangible to show despite the fact that the first prime minister is a Sepik. 
We are well known for our petty politics and systematic looting of public money by our so-called leaders and high profile public servants.
Upon visiting my village at Imbongs in 2005, I was shocked by the health and well-being of my people.
Their lifestyle had deteriorated to a level where the people are now dying from preventable disease such as malaria, TB and diarrhoea.
The health centre at Angoram had deteriorated and I dare not imagine what it is like today.
What I saw at Angoram was reflected in other districts and I dare to say throughout the country.
Unless we change our attitude and treat corruption as public enemy number one and get rid of it, everyone will continue to suffer except for the rich and privilege.
The National must continue to report the ongoing investigation until justice has been delivered.


Pondo Qupan
Kyushu, Japan