Graham did not show impartiality

Letters, Normal

PARLIAMENT did right to replace Jamie Maxtone-Graham as chairman of the ongoing anti-Asian riots inquiry.
As head of the inquiry, the MP should be impartial but unfortunately, he does not appear to be so.
His inclination was exposed with his statements to The National yesterday: “I am a nationalist. I believe in the indigenous people who need to be protected before they lost their heritage.
“We are being invaded by investors and we are not doing enough to protect our people.”
If that is Maxtone-Graham’s sincere aspirations and not an attempt to play to the gallery, I commend him.
However, he should not be clear about the task of the inquiry and his role as chairman.
Can he stand up and honestly say that his sentiments have not affected the way he has conducted the inquiry?
His decision to participate in a radio talkback programme and discuss some of the issues also compromised the inquiry.
He should have known better but instead, he tried to defend his decision.
Finally, as an MP and leader of the people, what does Maxtone-Graham propose to do with the “invasion” by investors?
Kick them all out?
Where would PNG be without investors who have not only brought to PNG their funding but also skills and business connections?
Maxtone-Graham may think he is an expert on good eating habits and ways to lose some kilos, but when it comes to economics and moving a country forward, I think not.


Port Moresby