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AFTER 15 years in charge of the country’s multi-billion kina minerals, oil and gas industries, Peter Graham has called it quits to return home to Australia.
Graham, the chairman and acting managing director of the Kumul Minerals Holdings Limited (KMHL) and former managing director of Ok Tedi Mining Limited and ExxonMobil PNG, tendered his resignation last week to Prime Minister James Marape.
“I have now been away from my home almost continuously for 27 years – 12 years in the US and 15 years in PNG. It’s simply time for me to go home,” he told The National.
“When I finished at Ok Tedi at the end of May 2020, I made a personal commitment to Prime Minister James Marape to work at Kumul Minerals as chairman and acting managing director for six months to November 2020.”
“I have confirmed my intention to retire and return to Australia after an enjoyable and challenging 15 years in PNG, firstly on the PNG LNG for almost 10 years, then five years at Ok Tedi, and now six months at Kumul Minerals.”
Graham, a chemical engineer, described his 15 years in PNG as “enjoyable and challenging”.
Marape said he had expected Graham’s resignation but he described its timing as “unfortunate” because it came just when the new KMHL board was being named.
Graham’s resignation letter was leaked on social media on Friday before Marape even received it.
“I have not got Graham’s letter formally yet, however, it’s unfortunate that a letter he circulated to two former directors of KMHL got circulated in public space,” Marape said.
“But (he had) told me six months ago when he took office that he would resign in November.
“So I was already expecting his resignation. It’s unfortunate that his letter may be taken out of context with Government filling in new board members of KMHL.”
Vice-minister Manasseh Makiba who is assisting the prime minister on KMHL said it was unfortunate to learn of Graham’s resignation on social media first.
Graham was appointed chairman of KMHL (Petromin PNG Holdings Ltd) in 2016 by then prime minister Peter O’Neill.
He was managing director of ExxonMobil PNG and delivered the country’s first US$19 billion (K65.41bil) PNG LNG project.
He later became the managing director of Ok Tedi Mining Ltd.
“I will continue to provide support as needed to the SNT (state negotiating team) in negotiations with Barrick (Niugini Ltd) on the Porgera (mine) until my departure,” he said.
The new KMHL board consists of Graham, Dr John Kuwimb, Aho Baliki, Bonny Ninai, Marjella Meles, Hansel Maven and Nelly James.


  • A good job-weldone Mr Graham for managing PNG’s asset to where it is now called Kumul Minerals Holdings Limited (KMHL). May God bless you and your beautiful family as you depart from PNG to your home country (Australia). God Bless!!

  • KMHL BOARD Consist of New Kids on the block. The have no idea about the running of a big and complex Mine like Porgera. This is not Politics, .. we are talking about a very complex mine a different ball game. It needs people with years of experiences who have been in a senior management position with Porgera to be sitting on the Board. PMJM Who is really running this country ?

  • Thank you Mr. Graham for serving Papua New Guinea for the last 15 years. We appreciate your time and effort and for imparting your knowledge to our countrymen and they now take on from here. Thank you for everything. You come from western culture and Papua New Guinea is no way near to your home country however, you lived here for quite a long time and now you need to return to be with your children and grandchildren. Safe travel home and see you when we meet again.

  • Timely retirement. Ofcourse, Mr. Graham needs some rest and good time with his family members in Australia.

    It would not be a surprise to the government and the people of PNG on his resignation. Such was already expected by PMJM and his hovernment should have plans in place prior to Mr. Peter Graham formal notice of his resignation.

    We believe the KMHL Board would identify another competent candidate for the chairmanship position as well for the MD’s position.


  • He cannot afford to get too old to retire, he feels he need to now. Accept his resignation and allow him to move on.
    Thank you Mr. Graham for the 15 years of high level quality management to all our projects you managed and provided the leadership.
    God bless.

  • Wow!
    Interesting how he is retiring just as PNG is starting to take back its mineral resources.

  • Thanks a lot for your good leadership in managing our valuable resources for 15 years .We appreciate your commitment towards PNG,With honor and gratitude.

    May the lord GOD richly bless you and your family.


  • Mr. thank very much for your tireless effort in the making of PNG despite any situation you have done a excellent job. we honor your resign and may our good lord protects you and your family in Australia.

    we will never let go of your contribution towards nation building

  • Thank you Mr. Graham for your time and tireless efforts in serving our country, PNG. We value your contribution and legacy will be remembered by all for the PNG LNG Project and OK Tedi Mining Ltd Projects. Happy retirement Sir!

  • A man of few few words but is very precise and objective with his actions. Go well with peace Kire and Yawo from Western Province.

  • Thank you Mr. Graham for your professional contributions to PNG’s growth and welfare. I guess you could have stayed on a bit longer to see things through but the way politics dictates the running of our state agencies and enterprises here, you as an expat and as a professional in the extractive industry may not feel comfortable working alongside people who do not have a clue on the nitty-gritties of running a mine for the start. That’s all understandable and we salute you for that and wish you well in your future life!

  • A timely call for him .
    Thank you you for your service and direction whilst heading the top notch in the oil and gas sector.
    we salute you and bid you the best of life with your family back in Australia.

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