Graham’s resignation hints corruption


PETER Graham’s resignation letter leaked on social media pointed out that he was resigning following undue influence by Government agents in influencing the process of board’s appointments.
The letter (if true) went on to tell Prime Minister James Marape that the manner in which the appointments were made had not complied with the Kumul Minerals Authorisation Act in terms of both appointment process and the qualifications of directors.
If Graham’s resignation, a well-respected person with a lot of experience in the mining industry in PNG what can Marape tell the people of this country about it?
How can the Government continue to preach about ‘Taking back PNG’ and making us the richest black Christian nation and at the same time practicing alleged corruption?
We know a number of new board members are political cronies of high profile politicians.
I appeal to our good prime minister and his deputy to fear God always because only He can decide who is going to lead us in 2022.

Samson C Napo
Buang LLG


  • Just let him go. Get Papua New Guinean to do the job. Papua New Guinean, are you looking for educated person like Graham. Wake up and send Papua New Guinean to better education system in Japan, Australia, USA and other developed to come and run PNG. Wok mas GO YET

  • Shadrach, Let me tell you this from your comfortable slumber, PNG government has been sending students to overseas for studies since 40 plus years, where are they now? Of course some are in the country but only for the ones who don’t want to be in country, for their own reasons. Those that are available are currently rooted with the devious corruption of those politicians rather GOVERNMENT. Do not go for another strategy plans its just another add ups. Country needs people like Graham to run the show and from there PNG can persist with it… That’s the simple and cheapest way the country can achieved.

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