Grand final fest in Sogeri basketball

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THE Sogeri Plateau Basketball Association (SPBA) will play their men’s   and women’s  grand finals this Sunday at the Iarowari courts after a successful season of competition.
Out of the five men’s teams and 10 women’s teams that successfully ended the season, the Crow Friends will go up against the Warriors 2 in the men’s division while Mixmates will take on the Bisi Bees in the women’s grand final.
The grand final is to be played with the Federation of International Basketball Association (FIBA) rules.
President of the SPBA Joe Asoran stated yesterday that: “Basketball in the area didn’t quite have much of an interest base since its establishment in 1998 with the
competition taking rollercoaster rides.”
However, the interest had picked up this year when the president, his secretary Koleti Jaru and vice-president Degini Womai got together to revive basketball in the rugby league and volleyball dominated area and are very proud of the codes’ interest buildup in the area.
Already things are looking good for the SPBA with probable teams interested of joining the competition next year from the Sirinumu area.
Mr Asoran added that the SPBA had been running on a low budget this year and were looking for corporate sponsors for next year’s competition.
The association had also been revived with a referee coaching clinic which 12 participants took part in and have already been certified.