Grandfather determined to complete Grade 9

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The National, Tuesday February 11th, 2014


A GRANDFATHER is determined to complete his Grade Nine education this year despite being overtaken by a son who is in Grade 11.

Kutne Leo, 54, has nine children and three grandchildren who live in Kerowagi, Chimbu.

He is continuing into Grade Nine this year at Kondiu Secondary School after graduating from Gagl Primary School last year.

Leo, who dropped out of Grade Six at the Gagl Community School in 1974, said being a grandfather would not stop him from continuing his education.

“I want to thank Mathew Otto, the headmaster of Gagl Primary School, for allowing me to continue my education last year,” he said.

He said his fifth-born son, Par Leo completed Grade 10 last year at Morobamuna High School and was selected to continue into Grade 11 this year at Kerowagi Secondary School. 

His two younger sons will be in grades five and six at Mingende Primary School.

Leo said his three daughters – Thresia, Maria and Durage – who were older than his six sons were married and all had a son each.

Leo regrets the criminal activities that forced him to spend 16 years of his life (1978 to 1994) in prison.

He got married to Briketa Maima in 1982 while serving his term at Barawaghi jail.

“I want to complete my education at the highest level and find a job,” he said.

He said he decided to return to school after seeing his children lagging behind in their education.