Grateful for payment


I THANK the O’Neill Government for responding promptly to concerns raised in the recent past regarding outstanding unpaid State contribution to Nambawan Super Ltd.
In the past, governments hardly paid any attention to mainstream or social media.
Today it’s a different perception game: either rise up to correct and defend facts on issues of public concerns, or loose public popularity that will never be recovered.
My test on this has worked for unpaid State contribution to Nambawan Super.
I was given the opportunity through the print media to make a case.
I called on the Government of the day to fix all the mess once and for all to ease financial sufferings faced by those who exited public sector employment.
A special word of thanks to the hardworking chairman of Nambawan Super Ltd, Anthony Smare, and its board and management to secure release of funding from Treasury to roll out benefits to its contributors.
I hope assessments will be done as a priority to clear all backlog of claims up to mid-2018.

Concerned ex-Member of Nambawan Super

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