Great response for boxing trials

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The National – Tuesday, February 8, 2011

THE overwhelming response from centres to participate in the NCD Governor’s Cup selection trials in Port Moresby should give competition to the current members of the national team to maintain their spots.
PNG Amateur Boxing Union tournament director Dick Larry said centres wishing to participate should submit their K250 affiliation fee to the union before they were eligible to compete.
So far, Larry said, those confirmed were the Autonomous Region of Bougainville, Central, Aitape, Manus, National Capital District (two teams), Lae, Rabaul, West New Britain and East Sepik.
He also released the names of the PNG boxing training squad for this year.
The squad: Maxie Mangea (Autonomous Region of Bougainville), Jothan Evea (East Sepik), David Samoi (Manus), Martin Tapul (West New Britain), Charles Keama (Central), Roy Gavera (Gulf), Lui Magaiva (Central), Leonard Sandy (Manus) and Eric Saulo (Misima) for the 49kg division.
The 52kg category: Ramano Inapi (Central), Anton Dickson (New Ireland), Ivan Sikwalaleta (NCD), Jonathan Lawas (AROB), Junior Kauka (NCD), Cornelius Inapi (Central), Camilio Kaikai (Central), Ogis Sailussa (Misima).
The 56kg division: Eric Ipausli (Central), David Spencer (Eastern Highlands), James Buri (WNB), Trevour Changau (Manus), Thomas Tiut (ENB), Noel Eko (Central), Andrew Opugu (Central), Abel Petueli (Misima), while the 60kg division will have Victor Kayton (AROB), Bentley Pius (New Ireland), Mathew Ume (Central), Tom Boga (Eastern Highlands), Bulu Yhonny (NCD) and Jack Eka (East Sepik).
The 64kg division: Shain Aming (New Ireland), Richard Kaleva (AROB), Samson Mote (Vanimo), Emmanuel Chico (NCD), Clement Kilangkit (ENB), Solomon Ravu (WNB) and Emil Kauka (Central), while Michael Waike (Central), Lucas Wakorre (WNB) Bobby Towe (Eastern Highlands), Alex Warongop (NCD), Darius Malaika (Vanimo), David Alu (Morobe) and Michael Leming (AROB).
The 75kg division: Mark Viruata (AROB), Peter Michael (Central), Peter Amala (Central), George Wstang (ENB), Jesse Wamberi (Aitape), Victor Sihung (AROB), Gabriel Funmat (NIP) and Billy Mamu (NCD), while the 81kg category comprises Nicholas Aisa (Central), Francis Ali (AROB), Tony Toliman (ENB), Michael Pindram (Manus), Bill Langers (New Ireland) and Francis Wave (West Sepik).
Larry said it was important the boxers make an attempt to attend the tournament.