Greens welcomes bid on equality bill

National, Normal

THE PNG Greens Party has welcomed the prime minister’s announcement to proceed with the presentation of the Equality and Participation Bill during this month’s session of parliament.
Greens leader Dorothy Tekwie said this was one government initiative that must be supported by all members of parliament.
“It is a bill for the women of PNG and for the future well-being and political health of our nation,” Tekwie said.
“Members of parliament must know that this is not only a government bill, it is a bill initiated by women themselves who represent 50% of the population.”
She said the PNG Greens Party was joining the women in asking that all MPs give their support.
“Women will be expecting all 109 MPs to support this bill without cheap politicking.
“Those MPs who do not support the bill will have the challenge of facing the women in their electorates to explain why they deserve to continue to represent women as their elected representatives in the seats they currently hold.”
Tekwie welcomed the prime minister’s announcement when she was giving a public lecture at the University of Tasmania, a talk aimed at promoting PNG Greens Party as the alternative political party for a country being driven into turmoil and poverty by poor governance and corruption.
Tekwie was on a six-week speaking tour and training attachment with the Australian Greens.
Her travel was made possible by the support of the office of leader of Australian Greens senator Bob Brown and other Greens senators including Christine Milne (Tasmania) and Cate Farhemann (NSW) and Larissa Waters (Qld).
On the issue of possible vote of no-confidence in the government, Tekwie said the PNG Greens Party believed it was “ridiculous egoistic politics” of those who, a few months ago, were part of the Somare government.
“PNG people deserve better alternatives than those buying their way through to power.”