Greetings from a former Math prof


MY letter has two purposes, to express my deep appreciation for Dr Cecilia Nembou as she completes her term as president of Divine Word University; and to thank the people of Papua New Guina who have been so kind to my family and me over the years.
We first arrived at the University of PNG (UPNG) in 1974 where our older son attended Waigani Primary School while it was organised as a multiracial school.
We were present for Independence in 1975 and for over 11 years (1974-6; 1989; 1995-2000; 2008-10) when we were able to visit most of the nation’s provinces, to see Martin Beni defeat the Australian boxing champion, and to co-author with national academics illustrated alphabet books for the three national languages of PNG.
Most importantly, we were blessed to get to know a great number of wonderful people.
These days I read The National online.
During 1975, I taught a class in operations research for the Maths department of UPNG.
To this day, that class stands out in my memory.
It was composed of outstanding students from PNG and overseas, and none was better than Dr Nembou.
She later went on to earn a PhD in that area from the University of New South Wales, a highly respected world-class research university, and soon greatly exceeded my own breadth of knowledge.
In subsequent years, I was fortunate to be her colleague at UPNG and Divine Word University where she demonstrated exceptional skills as an educator and an administrator.
I doff my hat to her in honour of her many significant contributions to the universities and the people of PNG.
Over the years, I also taught mathematics and computing to many hundreds of UPNG and DWU students, and I have been able to keep in contact with some of them. Now, as I will reach the age of 80 in December, I would love to hear from those who still remember me and our family.
If you are interested, I would be delighted for you to write to me by email at and let me know what you have been doing over the years.
I promise to write each a personal reply.

Prof. Deane Arganbright
Martin, Tennessee, USA
DWU Emeritus Professor

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