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THE grandmother who raised young mother-of-two Jenelyn Kennedy whose death last Tuesday has caused a public outrage, wants to see whoever killed her imprisoned for life.
Alice Karava told The National yesterday at the family home at Murray Barracks in Port Moresby that she was still shocked and heart-broken over what happened to her granddaughter.
“My heart is broken every time I think of how she suffered, how she died,” she said, wiping away tears.
“She was just 19-years-old. She had her whole life ahead of her. Every time I think of how she was killed, my heart breaks.”
Police have charged Bosip Kaiwi, Jenelyn’s partner, with wilful murder. They have two children – a son aged three and a daughter aged one.
Kaiwi is expected to appear in the Waigani court today.
It is alleged that he had been subjecting Jenelyn to beatings right up to the day she died.
His family has apologised to the Kennedy family over what he allegedly did.
Doctor Seth Fose, the chief pathologist at the Port Moresby General Hospital, said Jenelyn died from “head injury and bruised internal organs”.
Grandma Karava said she had been mother and grandmother to Jenelyn who was only eight when her mother died.
“Her mum, my daughter, passed away, and her grandfather and I and her uncles raised her,” she said.
“She was our Nau Mori (mixed-raced girl or light-skinned girl), gentle and kind.”
Karava also wants Jenelyn’s two children to be raised in the Kennedy family, like their mother.
“Our grand-daughter was murdered. She was not sick. Her life was taken away.
“So please bring me her children so I can love them and raise them right,” she said.
Meanwhile police are ensuring that they have a very strong case to present to the court over Jenelyn’s death.

Police have charged Jenelyn’s partner Bosip Kaiwi.

National Capital District Metropolitan Superintendent Perou N’Dranou said Kaiwi was in police custody and would appear in court when the prosecution case was finalised properly.
“It’s not about how quick the (police prosecution) file is brought to the court. It’s about the quality of the (case to be presented) to the court,” he said.
“The question is: Do we quickly do the court file without due care and attention and lose the case today, or do we do it slowly and (properly) to get a conviction tomorrow.”
N’dranou said police would present the case to the court after following the best investigation practices.
“If it takes a day, a week or a month then so be it,” he said.
“We want a conviction and not rushing it only to lose the case or have it thrown out of the court later.”
Police homicide unit officer in charge Ulagis Mantu said the case could be heard in court today.


  • Thank you Police homicide unit officer in charge, Justice must be served, do a thorough job, leave no stone un turned.

  • Let him fill the full force of court systems..may life imprisonment would be fine for such brutal an d inhuman act adn killing.

  • We are in the a week long about this incidence. The reporters were reporting on the side of the victim. what about the man. does he have any freedom to report to the media? At least let him speak out why he torture her for such a long time. Its always good to report two side of the party.

    • Thats right, both side of the story would be better. Do Kaiwi guy have a family to comment? or hes a lonely guy. Identify the family and let them comment also. Lets look at both side of the coin.

    • You can have two side of the story when common sense and conscience is prevailed. Taking a life in such a barbaric manner is not only inhuman but beyond any reasonable human understanding. He may have a reason but that did not give any right to take one’s life. Morally it is wrong and against not only moral principles but God’s moral law.

    • There should not even be a question of “why he tortured the poor lady?” Abuse in any form is a choice, and it is not one that anyone has to make!! Abuse is not okay and can never be justified!! Peoples typical, primitive thinking needs to change! Let him feel the full brunt of the law!

    • Mr Kobol,

      This is wilful murder.
      Pikinini blo man, ino animal.
      If this was done to your sister, you would not be saying this.
      Regardless of the motive, this should not warrant someone to act in a barbaric manner.
      This reflects a mind that is sick to the core, does not deserve to live in a society.
      You picked the wrong mob, you too bai fire ya..bai yu go where??

  • Over to you police force…PNG are watching as was already brought to media and it got all our attention already.

  • She suffered from violence and beatings long enough. Five (5) solid years for Christ sake! Investigate the murderer why these beatings took that long leading to her death. Why is the murderer’s family silent over this willful death at the hands of their son? Please apply death penalty or life imprisonment for this murderer.

  • We do not need to ask for pathetic reasons as to why he killed her – go to the court house and hear all the lies from there. Those reasons at this stage are not important – she is dead by murder and she died a horrendous death from her own lover (the very person she was supposed to be cared for and protected by). Those reasons wont justify how she was brutally murdered and should not in any way play a part in convincing the court to be lenient on such a pathetic, low-life, scum of a devil in human form.

    The case shouldn’t be that difficult to properly investigate and prosecute – it is obviously clear it is murder! When Perou N’dranou talks about the quality of the investigation that is required to successfully convict the murderer it says he is not convinced his homicide detectives can do a proper job (and there have been a lot of cases where they failed to do proper investigations and cases thrown out) – we demand you and your team to ensure this investigation is accorded the best resources, including qualified, experienced and competent detectives, to get a conviction for justice to be served.

    Whoever lawyer defending this man in court is perceived to be indirectly embracing, supporting and promoting GBV and ultimate encouraging murder. No highly educated lawyer in his/her right frame of mind should be standing up for the immorality. Do us all (men and women of this country) a favour by not defending him – if you did you’d be proliferating this immorality in society. Non of his lawyers nor family members should be losing sleep for him – he shouldn’t be living to see another day!!

  • Japheth and Bena, maybe you guys are right, give the guy a chance to voice his mind on the matter and tell us the reason why he did that. Maybe allow him an interview…?

    • Correct Roja. But everyone, please don’t call him by any names at all. Just call him a murderer.

  • He arrived at the Waigani District Court, today, at around 10: 00 am to 11:00 am. He was given a VIP treatment with three Police Toyota 10 seater landcruisers. He walked calmly down with the help of Policemen and had his mention inside a Court room. He told the Magistrate, he had mental issues to deal with. Then was assisted on to the Police vehicle and driven away with VIP Treatment. Now my question is, why is a suspect being given a VIP treatment when all it took was to put him, in with the remandees, in the Police truck (which comes to the District Court daily) and driven to the Court house instead of being given a VIP treatment.

    The Police have even lost it…lost the matter which is a prime case and by giving the suspect a VIP Treatment. So who else are the Police going to give a VIP treatment for killing their wives.

  • To many young teen ages ladies as early as late Jennelyn who married early those who are matured and elder suffered the same. These unchristian and immature men will always be suspicious of your whereabouts, even if there is none-thing of affairs exist.
    These men can also be understood as unfaithful and adulterous themselves and will be very volatile in their behavior because that is exactly what they did and are they hypnotized by the evil and can cause death as such.
    To many men who are matured and old enough that you are able marrying teen ages, be of understanding and do not be like Bosip Kaiwi.
    Significantly, taking someones’ life will always reciprocal or living with quilt that may claim your life as well.

    Bosip deserve Bomana and even if God forgives, he will need to face full force of the law of the land.

  • Ronald Omaro.. I just don’t get it?? why give him VIP Treatment or was it for his safety that he had to travel alone?? What good has he done?
    He just murdered an innocent young woman and from the post mortem report, Jennelyn Kennedy actually suffered physically from his beatings and I believe mentally during her final moments filled with grief, knowing she would die leaving her children.
    ….. and he said he had mental issues to deal with?? no leniency here please!!!

  • Bosip Kaiwi a murder and cult, how can he use Mental issues to cover for what he did. When his relatives knows that he is mentally affected, the immediate family of Kaiwi should have acted quickly, however they all overlooked what was happening, because they all have money to do what ever they want to. ( Money fruit to evil)

    Even the late Jenelyn’s family did not fight harder to assist this young mother of two.

    Bosip Kaiwi must pay for what he did, behind bars for the rest of his life or electrocuted.

  • That’s correct.. so that means he had mental illness for the last five years and nobody seemed to notice.. even the police, doctors, friends, relatives, and the list goes on, etc…? hard lo tingting tu ya.. Live murder, so many witnesses to testify that he deliberately did with intentions.. no need to delay prosecution or charge or evidence or whatever it is.. Just put him in prison or something higher..

  • SERIOUSLY: “It is alleged that he had been subjecting Jenelyn to beatings right up to the day she died.
    His family has apologized to the Kennedy family over what he allegedly did.”


  • OMG! did the kaiwi family pay for a condolence message as well as an apology. for crying out loud, this is a PR nightmare. You cant simply apologies and at the same time send a condolence message. You do not have the right to organised a funeral program because all you will receive a negative respnse and a bad response.
    Allow the real family of Jenelyn to organised her final rest. You, Kaiwi family do not own her. How dare you talk about funeral arrangement. Shame, shame, shame….

    • Absolutely correct. Will the lame apology bring Jenelyn back to life? The Kaiwi family should hang your head in shame. It is your flesh and blood who committed this horrible murder that the whole world is now condemning. You should disown this heartless animal and hand him over to the law to deal with him and preserve some dignity in the Kaiwi family name.

  • Mentally affected should not be the reason of murder. There must be deep reasons for murder. There thorough investigations must be done and VIP treatment by police is totally unacceptable. If a murderer is treated like a VIP then anyone who commits murder in the future should be treated like a VIP regardless of who you are….

  • Before sending him to jail, he should be beaten up by all women for one week, with no medical assistance, then send him straight to jail.

  • What a horrible being, BOSIP KAIWI: This is a malicious and horrendous act perpetrated by only him with barbaric intent…I could not believed this could have been anticipated. Torturing your lovely wife for 5 years, and inflicting brutal body damages and excruciating pain to her for 6 respective days to send her spirit away to God in such manner is totally unacceptable in the strongest possible term.
    JUSTICE FOR JENELYN…I cried silently in my heart, envisaging how painful she had been going through in her trauma before gave up…May you Rest peacefully now: You will surely be remembered by God Almighty in the time of Resurrection:

  • Why do the Police boss want the investigations to take that long?
    It’s clear, she was murdered because the bodily marks she sustained tells all the story and confirmed as per the baby sitter’s statements. If death penalty can not be implied in PNG….then give him live imprisonment.
    Why are we looking for evidence when all the evidence is right here in front………..over to police!

  • This is a behaviour of cold hearted and calculating killer.
    Can the police learn to do profiles on animals like Bosip and others that murdered women are roaming freely on the alleys of Pom preying on young naive women…
    Name and shame them on advert campaigns and billboards.
    Is the media too scared to write and expose his family?

  • i see some are trying to defend or make excuses for that women beating coward Bosip. why doesn’t someone report on what a big head trouble maker this Bosip was his whole life? ask the people around Minj what kind of problematic thug this punk was. well at least ask those not taking money from his very rich grandfather. someone commented about his VIP treatment by the police. it is because his family is very rich. this spoiled brat Bosip would have never gotten such a good girl if not for his family money. another PNG Beauty and the Beast story.

  • If he has mental issues then he should be sent direct to Laloki Psychiatric hospital to stay there and come to court when required, not whisked away in police 10 seaters. It’s just a lame excuse to get away from his murder.

  • My condolences to jenelyns family .
    I want to pass this message to every young girls in this country.

    Plis, your life and your education is very important, …..those sugar daddys with money are only looking for their personal desires…

  • Japeth, Bena, Roja want to know “Why did he torture for so long’ or ‘Let him tell his story.”
    Bro he is on remand and will have his day in court to tell you and everyone his excuse for torturing from the first day, the second day and the remaining 1000. Is one day torture better than 2 or five then?
    By your leading questions you seem to think that a man is allowed to torture his woman for some reason which you obviously hint would be acceptable in your particular clan or tribe. Disgusting as you try to suggest she was a wrong doer. Beatings, assault or torture are not acceptable behaviour in any situation!

    • Arthur Williams, mate, Innocent until proven guilty in court! and thats now in the hands if the CID officers to collect all evidence for prosecution to make a tight seal case against him, other wise the judge might throw the case out and because of lack of enough evidence the murder might go free.

      Dont forget that.

      • Roja, even if the animal pays his way to freedom, Avenger of Blood will get even with him one day.

  • To people saying that he should share his side of the story coz he might have reasons for beating Jenelyn up…So are you saying that there should be a reason to justify Jenelyns torture and murder?? NOTHING JUSTIFIES A WOMAN BEING TORTURED AND BEATEN TO DEATH BY A MONSTER!!!….This is a problem of domestic abuse that needs to be eradicated NOW!!! IF youre saying he had a reason to beat her, then youre part of the problem..No one has the right to torture a human being to that state! REASON OR NO REASON!! Nothing justifies whatever he did!!!! There will never be a reason justifiable enough for what he did..He CHOSE to torture her and kill her thats the only realistic side of his STORY nothing MORE!

  • I want to know why she was allowed to “marry” this guy in the first place? She was a kid! Who lets their young teens get married? Why didn’t anyone from HIS family help her? Why didn’t anyone from HER family help? Did they know what was happening? Such a beautiful young girl gone too soon. Her life didn’t even start yet. I hope this murderer rots in prison for life. There is no excuse he can give to justify this great evil.

  • I am so sorry for the life lost and also the family of the victims.
    Parents, now you all should take this as an example and discipline your daughters properly at home. Now a days, things are not OK, men are tricking young girls with money and any other things to take them.

  • I am really sorry about the life lost Only the husband and the wife knows what’s happening behind locked doors, the wife is dead, and remains her husband, everything happens has a cause. Only the husband knows all the reasons for the death of his wife, Bosip Kaiwi telling TRUTH or LIES stap lon yu yet now, but don’t forget this text Ecclesiastes 12:14 that’s the day when all our deeds will be exposed.

  • The culprit Bossip Kaiwi should face the same treatment he had upon his partner. People with such behavior ,attitude and mentality should be punished heavily and if I had it my way, I would give him the same treatment he he did to his partner to make him feel how the victim felt.
    To you Mr Gossip Bossip Kaiwi, you are an animal without a brain and curse you to rot in hell and suffer for the rest of your life.

  • There are many questions to answer of the murder. A man will not continuosly beat and torture his wife every day and week for many years. Only Bhosip Kaiwi knows his reasons. The root cause MUST be uprooted and a good investigation must be done. He may be charged for many criminal offences as he has mentioned that he is a mentally ill person. Who knows… some charge may be as serious as the murder.
    Leave it to the investigators and the PUBLIC request for a professional duty PLEASE?

  • This was done all of these five years and what is the root course?There must be reason behind it. I am not supporting this murderer and this goes to all women flocks, If you have an affair with another partner you will be the next one to be murdered.
    Unfaithful Marriage can always lead to death.

  • Impose death penalty on the culprit who doesn’t deserve a name. He destroyed her education, when she was only 15 year old child and killed her at 19, when she turned into young adult. This culprit doesn’t deserve to live.

  • Real Man, partner, husband do not hurt or resort to violence to correct the wrong, but humbly listens and finds the cause with great care.If he cannot solve his problem then it is wise to let go someone he loves, whilst he finds comfort in time for healing. Violence is last thing on Earth man can think of. It is an act of madness, regarded primative culture and subject to use for the cycle of survival. He should be locked away and should die of old age in prison.

  • ROJA, I guess there is more than enough evidence . The baby sitter’s statement is very clear, precise and straight forward. What more evidence will the court need???!!!. Just send him to underground prison and let him rot there.

  • Just wonder how the Kaiwi’s raised their son! Money, too much of it does you no good!
    Spoilt kid, deserves to go straight to the gallows…. let him feel it!

  • The law should really deal with Bossip.We should not take the law into our own hands and do such in PNG because we have money..Justice must take place to our beloved young sister..Heart felt condolence to her family and may her soul rest in peace for her innocence..

  • Mental issues!???
    The only mental issue the animal had was trying to make two women live together with him. The other woman should be held as an accomplish as well. She was part of the problem!

  • Shame on all the Kaiwi family, will your apology bring the death back to life? Death penalty should be given for the willful murder. I might be the next one because I’m experiencing the same life as hers and just ran away from my husband because I’m five months pregnant and afraid of my violent husband. Again such animal brain should be given death penalty.

  • No reason is enough to justify & save Bhosip from his wilful action. He is a murder. Mental illness only for killing women? What kind of mental is this? huh? Take this as an aggravating factor to the case. Stop looking for loopholes and face the law. Face the law like with a brave face just like when you face the poor Jenelyn and torturing her. You have no right heart for any woman!

  • What possible reason could there be to torture someone for a week? There is absolutely no excuse for what he did and to suggest he needs to be heard implies that maybe he had a good reason for torture and murder. Shame on you.

  • What the offender did which resulted in the brutal death of JK is said to be humanly unthinkable, sensless, impossible and unecceptable. We want the ultimate death penalty for this murderer. However, penalty we want is not just given away easily by the Court unless the offender decides to plea guilty to a charge of Wilful Murder and raises no objection to the penalty asked by the prosecution. In this case the possible defence the offender might raise is INSANITY which is a complete defence in law. If he is able to establish his defence of insanity with admissible, credible and uncontested evidence the Court might be left with the decision to return a verdict of not guilty and subsequently discharge and acquit him accordingly. The onus however is on the prosecution to prove beyond reasonable doubt every element of the crime of Wilful Murder to secure a guilty verdict. So basically let’s all understand that there’s a bit of work there for the State (prosecution) to bring at the end our demand for death or imprisonment for life.

  • It is almost one month and the case of Jenelyn’s continuously still appear in everyday news.
    Who is she?
    since our sisters and mothers back in the village face the same consequences and even more than that too, but the government does not take it seriously into consideration or even the penalty is not apply to the culprit. It seems that all of you are going for those one with wealth and money. Well, all of us are citizens of this country so our individual rights should be counted equally regardless of wealth and background.

  • My heart vapourises as i think of her last final seconds of life. Its so sad for a beautiful young soul to depart life like that. It saddens me to know that she is only 19, exactly my own age. As mush as i want him DEAD, I understand that no human being has the right to take the life of another person. It is against GOD’S WORD. Respect GOD and let the law take its course. Lets pray for JUSTICE. I think he should be tortured to the core of his atomic structure! Let him, no, don’t let him, FORCE him to feel the pain she felt. Make him suffer for life! Don’t kill him, it is too easy. Let him suffer first and die in vein, naturally. Makes me wonder; why did’t the babysitter call the police after she finnished cleaning the blood? Was she scared of her own life or what? She could have saved her, had she called the police. There is no word in the universe that can describe what he did. For those who say death penalty for him, don’t let your emotions get the better of you. You cant kill fire with fire. Let the law take its course. JUSTICE FOR JENELYN KENNEDY. Rest In Peace, J.K.

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