Grieving Yasause seeks bail

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The National, Friday, May 6, 2011

FORMER climate change boss Dr Theo Yasause is seeking temporary release from Correctional Services Institution (CIS) detention so he can make funeral arrangements for his wife.
He was seen under police escort at the National Court frantically trying to arrange a bail hearing.
Yasause is in CIS custody while he awaits a committal court hearing on a charge of murdering of national sports personality Aquila Emil.
Yasause’s wife died early on Sunday.
He is seeking temporary release so he could make funeral arrangements and attend to his ill teenaged daughter who suffers a severe heart defect and who had taken a turn for the worst since her mother’s sudden death.
Yasause’s lawyer Copland Raurela was yesterday at the Waigani courthouse attempting to get a hearing before a judge.
He said if they failed to get a hearing, they would try again today.
Yasause is being held at the Boroko cells following a special arrangement between the Bomana CIS and the police for him stay temporarily there while he attends to his wife’s funeral.
He was seen yesterday under police guard trying to make arrangements.
Raurela said he had only become aware of the special arrangements for Yasause to stay at the Boroko cells.
He was instructed by Yasause to seek the bail as soon as possible to avoid there being a double tragedy in his family.