Gring village in trouble

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The National, Thursday June 20th, 2013


PEOPLE living in the remote Upper Yuat, Angoram in East Sepik want a police post to monitor the worsening law and order situation along the border with Enga.

East Sepik Rural Police Station Commander Inspector James Baugen visited Gring village on Monday with his colleagues – they were the first police officers the village had seen in a long time.

 “We were there to create awareness on law and order but what a pity; there are no government services,” he said.

“These people are struggling to earn their living through the sale of betelnut but often get robbed, harassed and abused on their return by the Lower Yuat youths at Biwat.”

“These people have been attacked 105 times already since they started shipping their betelnut downstream to sell to highlanders.”

Baugen said the immediate need is for a police station and a health centre.