Gritty Gabriel never lost hope


FOR people losing hope because of bad life choices they made, I hope Gabriel Lamut Masai’s story blesses you with some hope.
In situations where you feel like the world is against you, a little hope can make a lot of difference.
I am a product of my own bad choices and I still struggle to let my past go.
But through it all, I learnt that all you need is to make it through one day at a time.
Gabriel felt like he had lost his last penny to help him get home when he was terminated from school in 2015 at Malala Catholic Secondary School in Bogia, Madang.
He lost his mother when he was in primary school.
Gabriel’s life was marred with losses that he struggles to explain.
Gabriel’s unfortunate termination at Grade 12 was a result of consuming alcohol, or for those of us who have experienced tough disciplinary actions from schools, his termination was a result of finding answers, experimenting or being stupid.
“If I could go back, I would never allow myself to be in that situation,” he said.
His dad works as a refrigeration mechanic in Madang.
After being terminated from Malala, he was fortunate enough to do his final exams at Tusbab Secondary School in town
“I have always had a burning desire to complete my education since after Grade 12, however I was unfortunate to get enrolled in any local institution,” Gabriel said.
“Neither my family nor I was capable of affording an education at a tertiary institution; obtaining an international qualification was a wild dream.
“I came to know about Cambridge International College in the United Kingdom when one of my family members saw its advertisement by the authorised agent – International Education Consultant in PNG for Cambridge International College – in The National about its annual scholarship programme to be conducted at Lamana Hotel in 2018.
“I attended the programme and was successful in securing International Education Consultant’s 50 per cent scholarship. I was very lucky that the total fee was K2,000 and being an awardee of the scholarship, I only had to meet half of that.
“I was convinced by the International Education Consultant’s authorised introducer’s (Steven Aaron) highlights during the programme at Lamana and decided immediately to return to Madang to look for some money to meet half of the fees before the scholarship validity date expired.
“I had no doubt that this step would fulfil my desires for a decent education. With my fee paid from Madang, I had to return to Port Moresby to stay with my relatives to meet the new challenges from Cambridge International College.
“The consultant registered and enrolled me into Cambridge International College in no time and I was on the path to attaining an international qualification.
“This mode of studying is quite challenging especially in the absence of a teacher or tutor but it had the flexibility and the luxury of freedom to adjust my study schedules to suit my schedules.”
“I sometimes left the study manuals unattended for days, or even weeks and was overwhelmed by procrastination because there was no one to monitor my progress.
“But a strong determination and urge for a qualification took me through.
“This is where self-discipline, self-motivation, and good time management skills are put to real practice,” Gabriel said.
“Every time I felt disoriented or encountered situations that I did not expect, I re-gathered my own strengths, focused on my purpose of being away from home and picked up from where I left off.
“With that experience, I would like to strongly encourage my friends and hardworking students all around the nation that nothing comes easy when you just sit and dream.
“With your unique abilities, try as hard as you can to drive and believe in what you do and never sit idle and wait.
“Education doesn’t come easy, it is tough and expensive but if you have the desire to commit yourself, there would always be a way.
“Thus I strongly recommend Cambridge International College to anyone who has missed out on education opportunities in PNG.
“I have just completed my Diploma in Management and Administration and I am currently studying Computers and Information Technology.
“I dream of leading and managing an organisation one day.
“I want to share my skills, knowledge and experience with others to help them prosper in life.
“Attaining an international qualification isn’t what I anticipated, and for a somewhat unfortunate person like me, it wouldn’t have been possible.
“Cambridge International College has the best course outline, all of its study materials are written with clearly and easily understood English language.
“The modules are self-explanatory and well-guarded instructions are used to lead you throughout and will make your studies and examination much more amazing, enjoyable and achievable.
“The college’s course had imparted great confidence in me with management and administrative knowledge.
“I come to understand the different types of industries and management hierarchies throughout the business world.
“I am surely ready to work and put to use the awesome knowledge earned from Cambridge International College.
“With my first qualification attained, I am pleased and have already applied to several organisations for job opportunities.
“As soon as I receive my second diploma I will put together my papers and apply for more vacancies available and I hope to get a job soon.
“I am proud to be one of the thousands around the globe who are committed in attaining the prestigious qualification from Cambridge International College and I know I will still enrol for another course when I can afford it.”
Gabriel is now studying Human Resource Management at the International Training Institute in Port Moresby.

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  • Iam so touched by the encouragement and the story of Gabriel and the Cambridge international College that’s very helpful in any kind of human struggles for that matter and coz needs more of that kind info to be out in the media..

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