Group agrees to fight rot

National, Normal

The National, Friday 14th of March, 2014

MEMBERS of the Community Coalition Against Corruption have set the foundation for their fight against corruption in the country.
Twelve of the 20 members signed an agreement on Wednesday for the work to commence.
PNG Transparency International chairman Lawrence Stephens said the agreement was drawn up by the members.
“This now forms the basis for us to work together and an opportunity to dedicate our services to make a difference,” he said.
Port Moresby Business Against Corruption Alliance manager Mayambo Peipul said it was the first step in ensuring the work was carried out.
“We need the support of all CCAC members not just in NCD but Lae and other centres. Forming an agreement binds us together and we have to find a way of keeping the momentum,” Peipul said.
Meanwhile the CCAC has put together a manual stipulating the processes of their work in fighting corruption. The information will be made available to the public.