Group brands Atiyafa ‘insensitive’

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The National, Monday 20th August, 2012

RELATIVES of passengers still missing from the sinking of mv Rabaul Queen are angry at Henganofi MP Robert Atifaya’s plan to introduce a private member’s bill that aims to close all investigations, tribunals and inquiries.
The passenger vessel sank in rough seas off the Finschhafen, Morobe, coast in February and more than 200 people are still unaccounted for.
Chairman of the legal action committee formed after the tragedy, Tommy Yep, had described the move as very insensitive.
“How many innocent people died in the Cayman saga, Sandline crisis and NPF and Moti affair?” he asked.
“This is a very insensitive comment from an insensitive man.
“People from Bougainville, New Ireland, East and West New Britain provinces and other parts of the country, including the highlands, lost their lives in this tragedy and we, the families, are deeply insulted and offended by the comments,” he said.
Yep said although he appreciated that many inquiries, tribunals and investigations had stalled, the families of the missing passengers would continue to pursue the case.
“If he (Atifaya) wants to talk about inquiries, talk about others,” he said.
Yep said leaders should be talking about making laws to make tribunals, investigations and inquiries compulsory instead of saying they were a waste of time.
“I am calling on him to publicly apologise to the families of the victims and survivors.”