Group elect executives

National, Normal

The National, Wednesday 10th April, 2013

 MARKET Vendors’ Association has elected its executives for the Gerehu and Gordon market facilities in Port Moresby.

The association is a component of the ‘safe city for girls and women project’ sponsored by the National Capital District Commission and United Nations Women.

NCDC gender desk representative Kay Kaugla said the executives would represent market vendors during consultation and planning of the markets’ refurbishment. 

“We conducted awareness last year and have registered more than 300 vendors for each market. The executive comprised both men and women vendors,” she said.

“Mobilisation of grassroots women is part of our programme under the safe city project to organise market vendors in three pilot markets in the city.  

“The aim is to properly organise the market vendors in these markets so they formed a body or association to represent them in whatever issues and concerns they have about the market management and authority in that they will all work together to address the problems.”  

Meanwhile, project team leader Alethia Jimenez said they had formed a steering committee to work with the vendors association in planning and redesigning the physical features of the markets. 

“Proposals will be discussed with the association to ensure the design addresses their needs. A safety audit will be carried out to validate this and necessary adjustments will be made to ensure the design is inclusive and gender sensitive. We also refer to this as ‘universal design’, which includes needs of people with disabilities,” Jimenez said.