Group expels Abal from NA at ‘special’ meet

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The National, Thursday, June 9th 2011

A SPECIAL meeting at the Gateway Hotel in Port Moresby on Tuesday night by a group purporting to be the Enga branch of the National Alliance party has resolved to expel Wabag MP and acting Prime Minister Sam Abal from the party.
A statement announcing the resolution was signed by Paul Kurai as chairman, Kundapen Talyaga as secretary, treasurer Luke Kembol and Rex Paki as foundation member.
The statement said the resolution was passed in accordance with section 17 of the NA constitution and other by-laws governing the conduct of the party and its membership.
Kurai said the meeting had taken this step because it firmly believed that the conduct and decision of the Wabag MP over a period of time had been prejudicial to the interest of the NA party.
“It is of the view that the recent decision by Abal to remove the deputy parliamentary leader of NA Highlands Don Polye as foreign minister is a slap in the face of NA followers in Enga who elected four NA MPs into parliament.
“NA Enga, therefore, unequivocally opposes the decision made by the acting prime minister.”
Kurai said the meeting was also of the view that the “insubordination” reason put forward for Polye’s removal was a farce and cover-up for other ulterior motives.
“For Abal to claim that other leaders are non-performing or are guilty of insubordination is total hypocrisy.”
Kurai said for the last eight years Abal had done very little in terms of delivery of projects into the Wabag electorate which he represents.
In response to the purported expulsion, Wabag local level government president Roy Kipalan said last night: “The acting prime minister’s decision to remove portfolio responsibilities from members of his cabinet like all decisions does hurt a few people. When these decision are made without self-interest at heart and for greater common good, it can hurt. More so the minority that have been feeding themselves with greed and selfishness that politics provide.”
Kurai said Polye had performed well in various capacities as state minister and also as the Member for Kandep.
He said among many of Polye’s achievement as state minister included:
l The securing of US$780 million MFF loan for the Highlands Highway;
l Funding of various roads including Western Highlands-Enga border roads, Laiagam-Porgera road, Kandep-Laiagam road, Kandep-Mendi road, Wabag-Kompiam road and Wabag-Laiagam road;
l Rehabilitation of the Wapenamanda Airport;
l  A total of K137 million in projects given to all districts in Enga during NEC meeting and;
l US$1.2 billion for airports rehabilitation from Asian Development Bank.
Kurai said under Polye’s leadership, NA had established itself as the dominant party in Enga, defeating the Pipols Party and others in the 2007 national elections.