Group happy with progress

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The National, Monday October 28th, 2013


STAKEHOLDERS from government departments, civil society groups, business houses and development partners have agreed there has been much improvement to economic and social development, a meeting heard last Thursday. 

Consultative Implementation and Monitoring Council chairman and National Planning Minister Charles Abel last Thursday commended the meeting as reports and recommendations by its sectoral committees showed much progress and positive outcomes had been made in their areas. 

Significant highlights were drawn from the areas of commerce and services, transport and infrastructure, agriculture, law and order, informal economy, family and sexual violence, State and society partnership framework and the budget sectoral committee.

The reports and recommendations were discussed and endorsed by the council which will monitor their implementation and outcome. 

Among the positive outcomes observed at the meeting was agriculture and natural resources sectoral committee’s recommendation of seeking approval for the appointment of a permanent position of department secretary. 

The recommendation, presented by sectoral committee member and Institute of National Affairs director Paul Barker said the appointment of a secretary would create stability and security and department staff would focus on core functions. 

Other recommendations included: 

  • Develop a medium term plan based on the 2013 work plans of each sectoral committee in line with annual activity plans of government agencies;
  • undertake a functional and expenditure review of the agriculture sector institutions, including the Livestock and Agriculture Department, to effectively coordinate and service the needs of farmers and stakeholders;
  • CIMC to approve the budget sectoral committee as the 9th committee of the council; and
  • CIMC to endorse to the government to review next year’s partnership policy framework to ensure partnership process is inclusive, transparent and fully participatory by stakeholders.