Group happy with tender

National, Normal

The National, Friday 14th of February, 2014

A LANDOWNER group in Enga praised Governor Peter Ipatas and the national government on their move to re-tender the development of the Wapenamanda aerodrome.
Yakuman Community Development Association chairman Ipu Kati urged the government to award the project tender to local contractors in the province.
Initially, security work and other development work at the aerodrome was to be carried out by companies outside the local area.
He highlighted that the group understood that the security fencing and associated work were not very technical in nature, adding that their local companies had extensive experience in technical and civil work projects.
Kati emphasised that awarding the contract to locals, the particularly Yakuman tribe, was a win-win situation for all.
He said if locals participated in project development they would take pride and ownership of it.
He said it would provide employment and gave the government confidence regarding local companies.
“We would assure you that after completing project we, the landowners, will take ownership and provide long-term security,” he said.
“We applaud the government’s policy in setting threshold where contracts below K50 million is restricted to local and national-owned contractors.”