Group irked over delayed justice

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A GROUP of people from Gumine district in Simbu province, who are now living in Western Highlands, have threatened to take the law into their own hands if nothing is done about a murder that happened about a month ago.
They issued a warning after a Simbu man was allegedly killed in Banz last Aug 27 when he was fishing along the Waghi River.
The man allegedly killed was identified as Daniel Maima, 28, from the Gumine area.
An eyewitness and Kimil community leader, Otto Kaupa, alleged that a gunman shot Maima and fled.
Mr Kaupa claimed that the suspect was from Tari in the Southern Highlands province.
He said at the time of the incident, they did  not want to retaliate but to let the law to take its own course.
He said they had waited for the people of Tari to hand over the suspect to the police but nothing happened.
Mr Kaupa said the Banz police had assisted in negotiating the arrest of the suspect.
But he is believed to have fled to Mt Kare.
Mr Kaupa said that due to the distance of the two provinces, the relatives of the deceased demanded some form of compensation must be paid to them.