Group launches unity campaign

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The National, Wednesday July 4th, 2012

CITY Pharmacy Ltd has launched a new campaign to return the “unity spirit” among Papua New Guineans.
Titled One Tribe, One Kantri, the campaign coincides with the group’s 25th anniversary.
Launched yesterday in Port Moresby, the campaign will run for the year.
Black wristbands bearing the theme and the country’s flag will be sold   at K2.95 each to mark the campaign.
Ten thousand bands have been produced and will be made available in CPL’s 56 stores nationwide.
Proceeds will go towards CPL’s community projects.
Brand manager Jeffery Santos said this was part of the group’s
support to PNG.
In a brief presentation, CPL data analyst Lindy Anton said the campaign was aimed at strengthening people’s feelings towards the country.
“Yumi mas hamamas olsem yumi blo PNG, yumi mas hamamas lo kantri blo yumi na yumi mas hamamas olsem yumi stap stron, maski yumi igat kain kain passim tumbuna.” (We should be happy that we are from PNG, we must be happy for our country and we must be happy because we are strong despite our various customs.)