Group of health workers finish week-long training


A GROUP of 20 health workers completed a week-long training on multi-drug resistant treatment at the Nonga Provincial Hospital in Rabaul East New Britain on Friday.
Medical and Disease Control Officer Dr Al Maha said doctors and nurses should possess the skills and knowledge to properly administer the treatment.
Participants came from the Nonga provincial and Vunapope hospitals, Warangoi and Kerevat rural hospitals, Napapar health centre and the urban clinics in Rabaul and Butuwin.
Drug-resistant TB patients are treated at the Medical B Ward for up to two months and then as outpatients for 18 months.
“A treatment supporter is trained at the ward on how to give injections at home when the patient is discharged. Patients who live close to their basic management unit get their injections at the clinics,” Maha said.
There are 37 cases undergoing in the province since 2014.
Maha urged the participants to put into practice what they had learnt and be kind to patients they treat each day.

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