Group of scientists to visit Ulawin in West New Britain


A GROUP of scientists will visit West New Britain to carry out routine upgrading of monitoring equipment.
This is according to the Rabaul Volcanological Observatory (RVO) after noting that there was no activity at Ulawun (in West New Britain).
“There is no current activity. Variable amounts of thin white vapour is being emitted,” RVO said in its bulletin release yesterday.
“Ulawun is quiet. At present there is no indication of any change in its state of unrest.
“There have been some earthquakes in recent weeks, all are tectonic in nature and nothing to do with the volcano.
“A team from RVO with other scientists will visit Ulawun in the next few weeks to carry out routine up-grading of monitoring equipment.
“The visit has been planned for many months and has no relationship to any expectation of a change in the volcanoes behaviour.”

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